FIRST Program
Research Support Center,
The University of Tokyo Hospital
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo, 113-8655 Japan

    Projects centered on cardiovascular diseases and cancer include: (1) Identification of the causes and mechanisms of diseases as best as possible at the cellular, molecular, and genetic levels, and then to develop drugs and therapeutic devices based on the elucidated mechanisms. For example, investigation of genes that are abnormally regulated in cancer, and development of a therapeutic virus to specifically destroy cancer cells will be done.
    Other research projects include investigation of the principle underlying heart function by (2) Development of mathematical models that accurately reflect heart dynamics(this is called heart simulator) using supercomputers. This should serve useful in devising treatment policies of individual patients, developing new therapeutic devices, and predicting therapeutic effects of external surgeries, regenerative medicine, and drug therapy. By exploiting information on diseases acquired with the heart simulator, new diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and devices for cardiovascular diseases will be investigated.
    Our goal is also to build a system to import mass volumes of diverse clinical information by (3) development of a system that can build and analyze a database of large volumes of diverse clinical information. This system should contribute to the assessment of efficacy of drugs, methods of treatment, and effectiveness of medical techniques, as well as reduce overall medical costs in society.
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